Those who ignore Islam, Malay agenda not fit to be PM, says Anwar

Anwar Ibrahim says he and Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad are in agreement about saving the country from the 'robbery' of previous leaders. – The Malaysian Insight file pic, September 22, 2018.

THOSE who ignore the agenda for the Malays and Islam are not fit to be prime minister, PKR president-elect Anwar Ibrahim said. 

He said, however, this would not be an obstacle for him in implementing justice for other races in Malaysia.

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  • DSAI Pls recall n see for urself It is your MAlay n ISLAM people who claim they Pray 5 times a day. These 5 times a day are the ones who stole from Malaysia Coffers all the Rakyat Money How much more do u want to Support Malay n Islam. We non malays do not get anything from the Govt of the Day but we are still ahead n successfull than the Malays is bcoz we are hardworking sincere n with integrity . Already 61 years are u sure MalAy is still left behind In every malay house there are mercedes n bmv The Malays n Islam are doin very well in msia . Malays are very rich today richer than chinese indian n other human grp

    Posted 3 days ago by Tharan Singh

  • I reiterate what I said a few times soon and after GE14, that Malays (especially the have-nots) must not be left behind in progress. We non-Malays are grateful that Malays agreed to share power from our British colonial rulers at Merdeka in 1957. This arrangement went more than a bit haywire when our good command of English receded into the background with Malays affected the most as a result, from being in the forefront of the world (English also likewise suffered in Sri Lanka). We also dented the good system of administration the British left behind, e.g. Local councils/govt, with run-down infrastructure in manx places? If not for things like these, Malays and Malaysians would be second to none in the world (even better than Singapore actually). The murder of Malaysia by Umno-BN is over, now it is time to rebuild?..

    Posted 3 days ago by MELVILLE JAYATHISSA

  • We all would have moved forward much faster if not for those AGENDAS which have been twisted time and again by politicians for the mere benefits of the politicians. Stop this magic wand that casts nothing but a curse for future generations.

    Posted 3 days ago by Tanahair Ku

  • This chameleon is playing to the gallery for the Malays support in PD. I am not sure he meant what he is saying be it for Malays ,Chinese or Indians and also for the rest .But anyway any leaders who are playing racial politics do not command any respect as he or she has forgotten that the Citizen of the country consists of many others instead of one particular race.There will be majority and minority in a country but they are still the citizen of the country. As in Malaysia the Malays Interest are now again so loudly declared by another Malay leader Anwar who steadfastly will defend their rights and welfare interest thru' the dubious extension of the special rights which will never be allowed to expire. Perpetually a new lease of life will be given and concocted with a brand new acronym. On the other hand we have Mahatir after feeling remorseful on his failures to uplift the Malay race are now using the trauma effect lambasting the race hoping that they will come to their senses. He for sure is trying very hard to change the mind set of the new generations of Malays to stand on their own two feet. He is constantly advising them to discard of the crutches as he has realised that after 61 years if the Malay race has not even woken up to be independent in surviving , blame not the other races , as the affirmative actions in the special rights are just plain leakage of good resources and bring not the country to be on the next leap. So Anwar what are you trying to prove ????? . Are you a competent leader to see things in macro view for the good of the country or you rather be a racist leader with myopic view thinking that your power base will be stable. The passing days after your release , the rakyat are being very suspicious of you and your antics. Without doubt you are still the same Anwar being incorrigibly playing the old tune of communal interest like your early hey days as student crying loudy the 3Rs and when things do not go your way, there is in your repertoire the guise of Reformasi chant. It is getting bothersome with you as indicated by some other fellows.

    Posted 3 days ago by Lee Lee

  • Make no mistakes DSAI, to avoid unnecessary racial tension, the non Malays are NOT interested to become PM even though constitutionally they are qualified to become one. Pls direct your warnings to the Malays

    Posted 3 days ago by Msian First

    • The chameleon has 0 leadership qualities, he does not hv the capabilities of running or managing a country. Zero defecit. Thus is what we get from a Malay PM such of AI. Creating racial differences is his Capitol in running a country. He was a fanatics before joining umno.

      Posted 2 days ago by HI HI

  • I wonder whether this country will move forward so that the Rakyat can have a decent life in future years. It is likely to be going backwards if these guys still don't learn from the past mistakes and arrogance of Umno.
    Very sad if our new Malaysia is appearance only.

    Posted 3 days ago by Concerned Citizen

    • Agree! New Malaysia must at all costs NOT BE ALLOWED TO BACKSLIDE because I feel it in my old bones that the ones really to suffer will be the Malays!..

      Posted 2 days ago by MELVILLE JAYATHISSA

  • After ge14 and i hear this racial-divide and rule from the so called PM. Sounds like this guy wants to be an umno, pas, mic and mca in one.

    Posted 2 days ago by Jubu Laza

  • This tune has plaqued the people for at least 55 years. Here it comes again. Sad.

    Posted 2 days ago by Tanahair Ku

  • Good example NOW, WHEN A DEVIL TURNS INTO A SAINT-Part 1
    WHEN A DEVIL TURNS INTO A DEMON - Part 2 when he becomes .a PM.

    Posted 2 days ago by HI HI

  • AI is and will a useless PM the country would have ever wished for. He will be THE WORST PM worst than Najib. Mark my words. He will turn into Saddam Hussein.

    Posted 2 days ago by HI HI