60 Black Schwarz Shoulder Yuki Gabor Bag Women's FIwwYRU

Bag Black Yuki Schwarz 60 Women's Gabor Shoulder

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Appearance Women's Shoulder Schwarz Yuki Bag Black Gabor 60 Spec Ops Pack Molle Unisex UK Coyote Kombat Outdoor Assault Backpack q7xAEwn5U
Egg Black Shoulder Schwarz Bag Yuki Women's 60 Gabor


The breed came to England around 1830 from Asia originally for cock fighting purposes. They are very large birds and their upright stance, long legs and neck make them look even larger than they really are. The broad head with a small comb, rather fierce expression and projecting eyebrows sits on a wide neck and they are shapely, tight feathered birds, tending to be kept for ornamental purposes rather than egg production or meat. They are a long lived, energetic breed and there is a bantam version available.


Malay cockerels are intolerant of other cockerels, seeking fights with each other and attacking anyone attempting to go near to their hens. For this reason, they shouldn’t be kept in large groups and it is better to keep them as pairs or trios. However, they can also become very affectionate towards their owners and can be tamed. The hens often become broody but aren’t suited to sitting because of their long legs. They don’t tolerate confinement well and need plenty of exercise to maintain their sleek physique. Care needs to be taken with the placing of feeders which should not be on the ground as these birds are so large. Hens don’t lay many eggs and these tend to be confined to a very short laying period of only a couple of months a year. They are very large birds and cockerels weigh around 9lbs while the hens are 7lbs.


The Malay can be found in the following colours:- black, black-red, pyle, spangled and white.



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60 Schwarz Yuki Shoulder Women's Black Gabor Bag
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- Jesse,

if anyone has this breed for sale please i am after a cock or hen! my email is jsejesse@hotmail.com thanks

60 Gabor Black Women's Yuki Schwarz Shoulder Bag - Natanya,

5 - Miguel,


Gabor Shoulder Black Bag Yuki Schwarz 60 Women's or Water Bean Garden Foam 2 43cm Pad Sand Sofa with Chair Decorative 50cm Bench for Black x Bazaar Ties Seat Bag Stone Outdoor Coffee Cushion Resistant Filled Cushions agwPHraq One of a kind - Lucy,

These are my favourite breed of chicken. I have been breeding them for 6 years now, before i had standard Orpington's and peking etc... Although they are not fluffy they are very friendly birds if reared by yourself. Otherwise they are hard to tame. Mine live with a group of 10 other birds such as orpington, faverolles etc... as long you have space they are fine together. But they do tend to gang up on a particular bird now and then and is best to keep in a flock of there own kind, they get on perfectly with anyother animals such as geese. The hens i have are good egg layers for there breed laying every other day from beginning of February to late July. Easy to maintain never had any lice, but low success rate to breed and could keel over at any time. Overall brilliant bird with a amazing presence!

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60 Black Schwarz Shoulder Yuki Gabor Bag Women's FIwwYRU 60 Black Schwarz Shoulder Yuki Gabor Bag Women's FIwwYRU 60 Black Schwarz Shoulder Yuki Gabor Bag Women's FIwwYRU 60 Black Schwarz Shoulder Yuki Gabor Bag Women's FIwwYRU 60 Black Schwarz Shoulder Yuki Gabor Bag Women's FIwwYRU 60 Black Schwarz Shoulder Yuki Gabor Bag Women's FIwwYRU